Botulinum Toxin Information

Frown lines and wrinkles are natural results of ageing sometimes, when noticeable they can have a negative psychological impact on our lives.

Before treatment it is important to be honest about your general health, disclose any medication, alcohol use, muscle weakness, if you suspect or are planning to become pregnant, are breastfeeding or if you have had any recent surgery or aesthetic treatments to the treated area.

The treatment cannot be carried out if any of the above are relevant, if you are allergic to botulinum toxin or infection or inflammation is at the injection site.

Side effects can include headaches, muscle activity disorders (raised or lowered eyebrows) a feeling of tightness or heaviness in the upper face. More rarely eyelid ptosis or accumulation of fluid in the eyelid.

Longevity of Botulinum Toxin depends on individual tolerance and cannot be guaranteed.

Treatments are carried out to the UK Medicines and Health Regulation Authority (MHRA) licensed dose which will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, however should you want a more ‘frozen’ look this should be discussed at the time of consultation, as larger doses ‘Off Licence” may be at additional cost of £50 should a top up be required.

For new customers the ‘licensed dose’ will be given and should the desired effect not be evident by day 14, an appointment for a top up must be made by contacting the clinic.

Licensed areas with Botox and Bocouture for treatment are the Glabella (Frown lines) and Crows Feet only and Azzalure is licensed for Glabella only, any other areas are injected ‘off licence’.

On average botulinum toxin takes effect from 3 days post treatment to up to 10 days it then lasts UP TO 16 Weeks (4 Months) the optimum point being between 3-9 Weeks.

If movement starts to come back this does not mean it has ‘worn off’ it is decreasing in strength and it is recommended for maximum effect treatments are carried out every 12 weeks.

Monthly Payment plans are available for regular treatments on request to spread the cost.

After the treatment it is important to take it easy and take care when washing the face and applying cosmetics.

Botulinum Toxin Results

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