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  • Perimenopause

    About perimenopause

    Perimenopause is the stage directly before menopause

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  • Menopause

    Menopause – how it affects the skin

      How menopause and peri-menopause affects hair and skin If you’re seeing changes in your hair and skin post-menopause, you can usually blame rapidly declining levels of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen promotes water retention and plumpness in the skin. When it drops, you lose some of the cell that keep the skin moisturised. It also…

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  • hair filler

    Hair Thinning Treatment

    The best hair thinning treatment is taking supplements to support skin hair and nails internally and Hair Filler, or Hair mesotherapy, which is an injectable gel. It was created for treating hair loss furthermore improving thickness. Hair Filler is a unique formula combining hyaluronic acid in addition to seven peptides. How Hair Thinning treatment work?…

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  • Menopause Clinic

    Hormone Replacement Therapy – Peri Menopause

    WHAT IS PERIMENOPAUSE OR MENOPAUSE? The menopause occurs because your ovaries stop producing eggs and,as a result, levels of the hormones they produce (oestrogen, progesteroneand testosterone) fall.Your ovaries gradually slow down over a period of time before themenopause occurs. This is known as the perimenopause and can last fora few months or several years. SYMPTOMS…

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  • Breast lift

    PDO Breast Lift

    PDO Thread lifts are most commonly used for non surgical facelifts. They can also be used on the body for a pdo breast lift and areas such as the knees, elbows and breasts. If you are looking for a way to enhance the appearance of your breasts without undergoing expensive and irreversible surgeries, non-surgical options…

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  • weight loss clinic

    Assisted weight and fat loss

    Here at Flawless Aesthetic Clinic and being a Nurse Prescriber I can help with stubborn areas of fat and when the traditional Diets and exercise for weight loss just aren’t working. There are two options one is for weight loss which is a prescription injection called Saxenda  Saxenda is injected once a day and makes…

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  • Medichecks

    Medichecks Partner – Blood tests you can do at home

    As a registered nurse I can do a Blood Test for you and send it off to a lab for analysis, or you can take a finger prick test at home and I am on hand to help you understand the results.

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  • Migraine

    Botox for migraine

    Migraine affect about 1% of the UK population Common Symptoms Include: Severe headache Visual disturbances. Botox for migraine

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  • Stages of the menopause

    Before, During & After Menopause is the normal, natural transition in life that begins between the ages of 35-55. During this time, your ovaries get smaller and stop producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone that control the menstrual cycle, your eggs are depleted and fertility declines. Eventually, you are no longer able to become pregnant.…

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  • Collagen Powder – Why you should take a daily dose!

    Collagen is a natural skeletal protein and is one of the body’s most abundant components, making up nearly 80% of the body’s skin, muscles and connective tissue. It is thought that from the age of 25, your body’s collagen levels deplete at a rate of 1.5% per annum. This means that by the age of…

  • Dermal Filler for Saggy Jowls
    Dermal Filler for Saggy Jowls

    Jowls are essentially sagging skin around the jawline. This occurs because the skin loses elasticity with age and facial ligaments weaken which reduces support in this area. Fortunately, dermal fillers can be used for a jowl lift and how to use dermal filler for saggy jowls. Fillers can help reduce the appearance of jowls and…

  • The Cost of Dermal Fillers per Syringe in the UK
    The Cost of Dermal Fillers per Syringe in the UK

    Unlocking the Affordable Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide to the Cost of Dermal Fillers per Syringe in the UK Looking to enhance your appearance with dermal fillers in the UK? Understanding the cost of dermal fillers per syringe or per ml is essential for budgeting and finding the best deal. In this comprehensive guide, we unlock…

  • Deso body Fat Dissolving injections
    Deso body Fat Dissolving injections

    What is Deso Body Fat Dissolving? Deso Body Fat dissolving injections are a way to remove unwanted fat deposits by using a special solution called Deoxycholic Acid at the clinic we use DESO BODY, which is injected into the fatty areas of the body or face using a needle or cannula. After the fat dissolving…