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Dermal Filler Injection – cannula or needle

Dermal Filler injection Safety

Dermal filler injection is administered using cannula or needle.

Your safety and result is always my priority here at Flawless. Thats why I only use the BEST DERMAL FILLERS, which in my opinion are from Restylane, by Galderma. 

When Restylane® was launched more than 25 years ago, it was the first non-animal stabilised hyaluronic acid- based dermal filler, created for reliable aesthetic treatments and with a proven safety record. 

They have most versatile range of hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers, based on two complementary technologies—NASHA™ and OBT™. With different technologies and gel consistencies, I have everything I need to create individualised and tailored results.

The risk of having fillers as with any injection can include pain, swelling, bruising and infection. 

Dermal Filler Injection with Needle

Dermal filler injection Knowledge

The results patients want to achieve can vary from removing a wrinkle or shadow, to creating definition, or contouring to create curves and strong lines. Knowledge of the anatomy and the range of fillers is essential in deciding upon an injection depth, because a crease or wrinkle is a superficial correction, whereas facial contouring is achieved with much deeper injections.

The differing levels of dermal layers and how the face moves changes how a dermal filler product interacts over time so knowing how deep to inject is essential so that it doesn’t move or ‘migrate’.

How dermal filler arrives in clinic

The traditional way of delivering the filler is by using a needle. 

Most fillers, even the cheaper ones come in a plastic container within a box and come with 2 needles. 

The better quality ones come with 2, this is not as some people presume so that you have a ‘spare’ in case you drop one, using needles again and again makes them blunt, uncomfortable and can injure the surrounding skin.

Viral photo of skin after needle injection
Delicate skin cells after puncturing with a needle.

I always have extra needles as well as the 2 provided with the fillers, I use a needle up to 4 times and then dispose of it and use a new one. This is what happens when a needle is used 6 times.

Dermal Filler Needle after use

Independent studies have confirmed that TSK’s filler needles outperform all competitors. Due to the thin and ultra sharp needles, TSK showed the lowest traumatic effect for the patient. This makes the TSK needles the preferred needle for all major filler brands.

TSK quality needles for dermal fillers

When administer Dermal Filler injections with a needle

Done correctly using needles is the most common way to administer dermal fillers and is a wonderful way to get to little areas where intricate work is required, like the cupid’s bow on the lips.

The difference between cannula and needle

Needles are sharp at the end and Cannulas are blunt needles that can be passed through the tissues avoiding arteries and nerves. They also give the flexibility to reach more difficult areas.

Dermal filler with cannula or needle

When I use Cannula for Dermal Filler injections

Cannulas can easily glide through and remain in one plane of tissue. They are best suited for areas of wide distribution of product and ideal for adding contour.

Sometimes they are selected for treating certain areas of the face deemed higher risk, as the blunt nature may make them less likely to compromise the vasculature system.

Dermal filler injection Comfort

For patient comfort a topical anaesthetic cream is always put on to the skin to numb the area to make the procedure as painless as possible.

After the procedure cool packs are applied.


Not only is a good knowledge of facial anatomy and dermal filler indications are important, but so is the quality of the product and the injection technique.


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