The Flawless Face lift is a non-surgical facelift. The Lift combines the latest and most advanced facial aesthetics techniques with dermal fillers to create a unique rejuvenated facial appearance. Pdo skin tightening improves the skin’s appearance whilst fillers re-volumise and lift the face. We’re able to combat and reverse the signs of ageing and can restore cheek volume, soften nose to mouth lines and folds, lift downturned mouth corners and improve the jawline and jowl appearance.

What happens during the face lift?
The Flawless Facelift is performed using the latest techniques with PDO Threads, needles and cannulas to administer dermal fillers at certain points on the face to achieve the desired results.
What can be expected after treatment?
You can enjoy your new, natural and revitalised look immediately after Flawless Lift. The treatment may cause some minor redness, bruising, lumps or swelling which normally resolves shortly afterwards.
How long do the effects last?
The Flawless Face Lift treatment provides immediately visible results but generally these improve over a short period of time. The effects will typically last between 12-18 months.
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