Flawlessceuticals launching home treats during clinic closure

I am pleased to announce I have decided to offer a trial of these wonderful products.

I ran out at home and so went into the clinic to re stock for myself as I can’t cope without them my skin gets sad lol and so I came up with the idea.

The reason I do not usually do samples is because to get the full benefits these products should ideally be used for a full skin cycle of 4-6 weeks.

However, due to the lockdown and my clinic being closed I want you to be able to experience a home skin treat!

Here are the simple instructions and I would love to hear how you get on.

Flawlessceuticals – Home Facial Kit

Step 1 With wet hands and face, use a finger full of Prepare (labelled Step 1) and massage all over the face and or neck.

Repeat step 1 this is called a ‘double cleanse’ and is recommended to thoroughly clean the skin.

Step 2 Use a finger size of Glow (labelled step 2) and massage with firm pressure all over the face and or neck for approximately 2 minutes in circular motions.

Rinse all product thoroughly with lukewarm water and splash with cold water to close the pores.

Pat face dry with a clean towel or kitchen roll.

Step 3 If the above is done in the morning/day follow with Protect (labelled step 3 day).

If done in the evening use Recover (labelled step 3 night).

This is classed in clinic as a mini facial and retails at £45 as the clinic is closed this is a single treatment to do at home with these cosmeceutical grade products which can only be purchased from qualified skin professionals.

To purchase visit the shop.

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