Coronavirus Lockdown Skincare

As health officials have advised us to stay safe from corona virus (or COVID-19) by self-isolating, its important not to neglect your skin.

Since you’ll have more time on your hands than usual, your body will be adjusting to a new routine and it can be easy to let our everyday habits slip.

For example, during self-isolation you may choose to not wear makeup – but that doesn’t mean your whole skincare regime needs to be forgotten! Whether you’re keeping safe by working from home or simply purposely staying indoors, here’s a few tips on taking care of your skin during isolation.

Keep cleansing

Hygiene is key, so make sure you regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to avoid spreading any germs or bacteria. Regularly washing your hands can cause them to become dry or rough, so also moisturise your hands each time you apply your usual moisturiser.

Hydration is Key

We don’t simply mean drinking water. Being exposed to your radiator heated home or air conditioning means you’re exposed to dry air, which can lead to over drying of the skin. Hydration with a moisturiser will go a long way during weeks of isolation.

Don’t Forget SPF

Believe it or not, you can still be susceptible to UV rays even when you are indoors. Make sure to wear SPF for your face and body, even if you’re inside, to prevent signs of ageing and for your overall skin’s health.

Protect spf 20

Try New Things

Add a bit of fun and excitement in your new daily pamper by taking the opportunity at home to try new things. Try out a new product to add some anticipation to your new calendar like an exfoliator once a week or apply to get on the waiting list for an in clinic treatment.

Best skin exfoliator

Staying in can appear mundane, but taking care of yourself with these methods in mind can lead to a safer, healthier, and more enjoyable time during isolation.

Ever tried Meditation? Heres one you can do on our podcast.

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