I am looking for a model for my 2022 marketing campaign.

All entrants must have a keen interest or have considered non surgical treatments in the past and will need to be prepared to cover a small percentage of costs of the treatments after a free consultation.

There are 2 categories.

For a face model I’m looking to photograph  entrants who must be over 45 with pre jowl (sagging jawline) and malar separation (cheek volume loss).

For body models I am looking for entrants with dimpling effect from cellulite.


To enter Face send your full name and contact details and a clear head shot and both side profiles to sarah@flawlessaestheticclinic.co.uk

To enter body send your full name and contact details and a clear photo of dimpled area to sarah@flawlessaestheticclinic.co.uk

Competition closes on 1 December 2021 when the winner will be contacted and booked in for a consultation. All entrants will be offered a free skincare consultation and facial assessment.

Model Competition

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