Confidence and Wellbeing In Aesthetic Medicine

How a patient feels about themselves is important to me. The image we present to the world is under increased scrutiny with social media, celebrity, fashion, magazines all promoting image ideals. While aesthetics and the treatments we offer can be used for cosmetic purposes we are very careful to ensure that when offering treatment it is for the right reasons. 

Patients come to me for numerous reasons, from just feeling old and tired looking, to irritation about not looking as young as they feel in the mirror to emotional discomfort triggered by certain aspects of their appearance.

Not everyone perceives cosmetic treatment the same way and my consultation process is designed to identify the factors which influence how a patient has come to seek treatment in the first place and how I can help, while at the same time, understanding it can be very daunting and confusing with a large menu of treatment options.

For newcomers to a medical aesthetic clinic is often seen as being like a beauty salon, but this is a simplistic take on an emerging field of medicine.

Whether we are treating a skin disorder such as acne, an issue such as excessive sweating, or an injury leaving a scar it is important to consider the emotional wellbeing of the person presenting. Every patient who presents with a concern is assessed and treated as an individual and their needs are assessed and treated to ensure that their physical, as well as their emotional wellbeing, is protected.