Assisted weight and fat loss

Here at Flawless Aesthetic Clinic and being a Nurse Prescriber I can help with stubborn areas of fat and when the traditional Diets and exercise for weight loss just aren’t working.

There are two options one is for weight loss which is a prescription injection called Saxenda 

Saxenda is injected once a day and makes the stomach feel fuller ‘Psychologically and physiologically. Therefore by eating less it assists with diet through calorie reducing.  I do the first injection for you in clinic after doing a full medical assessment and wright and height and then give you the kit you need to continue therapy at home.

For stubborn areas of fat there is an injectable called Deoxycholic acid or ‘Deso’ for short. 1 vial will dissolve a 10cm by 10cm square by 1cm deep. It is done in clinic and costs £100 per vial.

fat injections

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    Ande S.

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      Thanks thats amazing! Well done

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