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  • Botox risks

    What can go wrong with BOTOX®?

    Botox is a safe drug, but as with anything there are some risks and things that can go wrong.

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  • Botulinum Toxin Brands

    Most people have heard of the Botox brand and ask for it by name, but there are many other botulinum toxin brands available and used in the UK. What are the different botulinum toxin brands, and how are they different? Three most common wrinkle areas for treatment are, ‘crows feet’ around the eyes, ‘frown lines’ and…

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  • What are botox injections

    What is anti wrinkle treatment?

    Wrinkles are part of the ageing process. They can be attributed to sun damage, effects of gravity and muscle contraction resulting from facial expressions such as frowning and laughing. Wrinkles due to the effects of gravity represent natural sagging of tissue with age and are generally only improved by surgical tightening procedures. Wrinkles caused by…

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    Here are my TOP 10 TIPS FOR BEST BOTOX RESULTS Over the past decade there has been a huge increase in people seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments.  Injections to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with Botulinum Toxin (commonly known as ‘Botox’, but also Azzalure, Boccoture and others) have been the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in…

  • Alluzience

    Alluzience a new age in Anti Wrinkle Treatment

    Alluzience was launched this year, its the first pre mixed botulinum toxin. Medical Aesthetic Professionals, usually ‘mix’ or reconstitute botulinum toxin which is in a powder form. I’ve taken my time to introduce it to the clinic. As with all new treatments with my many years experience I am always a little sceptical until I…

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  • Botox treatment

    Understanding toxin resistance

    If there were such as thing as a favourite wrinkle treatment, botulinum toxin, BOTOX would probably be it. When administered by a qualified provider, it’s rare that BOTOX doesn’t achieve the desired result. Occasionally, however, BOTOX will seem to have little effect for a patient. If this has happened to you, you may have Googled…

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  • The Flawless Facelift

    The Flawless Facelift

    The flawless facelift is a combination of Botox filler and pdo threads

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  • A History of Botox allergan

    A history of Botox®

    You might think that Botox® is a modern treatment, but it is actually over a hundred years since the bacterium was discovered. Before finding use as an anti-ageing treatment, botox injections were used for a variety of medical uses and still is today. Botox is the trade name for botulinum toxin, which is a purified protein derived from…

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  • Frown Line Treatment

    Top 10 reasons to get Botox this Summer

    Here are my 2022 top 10 reasons to get Botox  1. Botox makes you look younger The simple first reason is because it reduces your wrinkles and makes you look younger. This automatically makes you feel better about yourself. Botox actually relaxes the muscles, which means smoother skin and less wrinkles. So, if you are…

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  • Botox treatment

    What to expect at a Botox consultation

    What to expect at a Botox clinic The consultation process During an in-depth consultation at a Botox clinic, the practitioner will discuss the following: What has brought you to an Aesthetic Clinic eg what is bothering you so you can both get an idea of how the clinic can help. Your practitioner will discuss what…

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  • Face yoga

    Face Yoga

    So as my regular customers know, Botox definitely works. You can use anti-ageing face creams and retinoids, glycolic acid peels and sheet masks, but the most sure-fire way to get rid of wrinkles is by injection of botulinum toxin type A. Still, not everyone wants to have injectables, and not everyone who wants Botox can…

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  • Collagen Powder – Why you should take a daily dose!

    Collagen is a natural skeletal protein and is one of the body’s most abundant components, making up nearly 80% of the body’s skin, muscles and connective tissue. It is thought that from the age of 25, your body’s collagen levels deplete at a rate of 1.5% per annum. This means that by the age of…

  • Dermal Filler for Saggy Jowls
    Dermal Filler for Saggy Jowls

    Jowls are essentially sagging skin around the jawline. This occurs because the skin loses elasticity with age and facial ligaments weaken which reduces support in this area. Fortunately, dermal fillers can be used for a jowl lift and how to use dermal filler for saggy jowls. Fillers can help reduce the appearance of jowls and…

  • The Cost of Dermal Fillers per Syringe in the UK
    The Cost of Dermal Fillers per Syringe in the UK

    Unlocking the Affordable Secrets: A Comprehensive Guide to the Cost of Dermal Fillers per Syringe in the UK Looking to enhance your appearance with dermal fillers in the UK? Understanding the cost of dermal fillers per syringe or per ml is essential for budgeting and finding the best deal. In this comprehensive guide, we unlock…

  • Deso body Fat Dissolving injections
    Deso body Fat Dissolving injections

    What is Deso Body Fat Dissolving? Deso Body Fat dissolving injections are a way to remove unwanted fat deposits by using a special solution called Deoxycholic Acid at the clinic we use DESO BODY, which is injected into the fatty areas of the body or face using a needle or cannula. After the fat dissolving…