Alluzience a new age in Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Alluzience was launched this year, its the first pre mixed botulinum toxin. Medical Aesthetic Professionals, usually ‘mix’ or reconstitute botulinum toxin which is in a powder form.

I’ve taken my time to introduce it to the clinic. As with all new treatments with my many years experience I am always a little sceptical until I have tried them myself.


Having used Azzulure as well as botox over the years, this is similar and is from the same company Galderma

Studies have shown that this can last up to 6 months. Therefore, double the time for the other toxins which are usually ready for a re treatment every 12-16 weeks.

The onset of the product is also said to be quicker. For those of my customers who sometimes need to book in last minute means they don’t have to wait the 10-14 days for it to take full effect.

Studies show 23% of patients report an effect with one day, and over 50% of patients report an effect within only 2-3 days. 

One downside to it is that it is more painful, this is only at the time of injection though and soon subsides.

The initial cost is higher than other toxins, £295 for three areas instead of £270. However over the year it actually works out cheaper, due to only needing it twice annually.

To find out if you are suitable, book online for a consultation and find out more about Alluzience.


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