Do dermal fillers hurt?

The thought of injections can make people feel a bit nervous, so an obvious questions are; do dermal fillers hurt? Are fillers painful? Do Dermal Lip Fillers hurt?

The good news is, dermal filler injections are painless for most patients and there is lots to make it a comfortable experience.

If worried, ask questions before you decide.

Some medical procedure injections use big ‘blue needles’ ! Dermal Filler Needles are MUCH SMALLER… phew!

To prevent the dermal filler being painful I apply Numbing Cream / Local Anaesthetic

Before a treatment I apply cream to numb the area a little as well as using the smallest needle.

Dermal Fillers have numbing liquid in them to numb the area.

Surely Dermal fillers will hurt if I need loads of Injections?

It is hard to say exactly, but not many. Cheek fillers can be as little as 4 injections, lip fillers around 7.

Does a dermal filler appointment take a long time?

A dermal filler appointment following a consultation can take around 20-30 minutes.

Are Fillers Painful after Treatment

I give you a cool pack to take home to reduce any chance of side effects, like swelling or bruises.

I give advice as well as a card with the advice on in case you need the information at home.

There is a lot to remember when you have just had the treatment.

I am also on the phone and offer a follow up appointment to check up how the treatment is.

In some areas Dermal Fillers hurt more than others.

More fleshy areas like Cheeks are less likely for dermal fillers too painful.

Boney areas like forehead and jaw can be more uncomfortable.

Do dermal lip fillers hurt? The most sensitive is the lip area.

I have seen some horror stories about fillers online and on TV, what can go wrong?

In the wrong hands dermal fillers can be risky and painful. It’s best to go to a trained Medical Professional such as a Doctor, Nurse or Dentist, preferably with many years experience.

As above, at Flawless Aesthetic Clinic, I try to minimise these, some common side effects are a risk of bruising and some slight swelling.

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