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How much Lip filler should you have?

Restylane Lip FillerMost of my customers like a natural look and in my opinion 1ml lip filler is usually enough dermal filler for your lips.

There are different types of filler to be used in the lips from a touch filler like Restylane Fynesse for small lip lines and a lip border enhancement, to Restylane Kysse and Restylane Lypp which is a firmer larger gel particle size for larger lip shape or volume.

It is important for a practitioner to be medically trained and insured to carry out lip treatments as they can be a risky area to treat. There are 7 main areas to the ‘aesthetic’ appearance of the lip. The philtral column is the two lines between the nose and the cupids bow. This can flatten over time and cause the lips to thin and also cause the appearance of the fine lines also known as ‘smokers lines’ even on non smokers.

The White Border is where the lip meets the facial skin and within is the vermillion or lip border and the vermillion just inside the lip. If this is filled it can take 0.5 to 1ml of touch filler. For more enhancement to the cupids bow or tubrcle area a larger molecule lip filler is needed but again 1ml is usually sufficient if the correct filler is selected.

Lip Filler Anatomy

I certainly don’t recommend more than 1ml even if you are looking to go big because it runs the risk of migrating outside of the lip line which is not a good look!

If you want to go big, I recommend building up over time as this always gives the best lip filler results – I see so many customers who come to me for corrective treatments that have had too much lip filler in one go.

To discuss lip fillers please book a consultation the treatment can usually be done on the same day. Touch filler is £220 per syringe and Volume filler is £250-260. to book please follow this link.


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