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How to make Lip Fillers Last

How long do lip fillers normally last?

Before finding out how you can prolong the life of your fillers, it’s important to have realistic expectations of how long they’re likely to last naturally. Dermal fillers won’t give you a permanently plumped pout; instead, you can expect results to last for between a minimum of 3 and up to 12 months.

How to make lip fillers last longer

While there’s no magic way to make your fillers last longer, there are some things that can cause your body to absorb the filler more quickly, therefore reducing your results. By avoiding these things, you can help to keep your lip filler in its best condition for longer.

1. Follow the aftercare advice

As lip fillers are a relatively quick treatment with little downtime needed, it can be tempting to carry on with your normal activities straight away. However, there will be specific aftercare advice given to you following your injections, and it is important to follow this including drinking plenty of water.

Things such as avoiding exercise and alcohol for 24 hours after your treatment will help reduce the chance of swelling and bruising.

Taking care of your lips from the very beginning will give them a better chance of looking good for longer.

Using a Daily Lip Complex regularly and putting it on at night will help care for your lip fillers.

2. Stick to the shade

At Flawless, we recommend wearing SPF of at least 20 every single day (yes, even on a cloudy day in the UK!) and limiting your time in the sun between the hottest hours of 11-3.

Not only is this best for your all-round health and skin, but staying sun savvy could also help prolong your lip fillers. Too much exposure to UV rays can cause certain types of filler to break down more quickly, which will lead to your body absorbing them sooner.

When on holiday, make sure that you use a higher SPF, wear a wide-brimmed hat to cover your face and lips, and take some time in the shade.

3. Minimise your stress

Stress can have a negative impact on our health in a number of ways, but one that you might not have considered is its effect on lip fillers.

The extra hormones that your body produces when you’re stressed can actually cause filler to break down more quickly, deflating your pout ahead of schedule.

Of course, we can’t avoid all of life’s stresses, but trying out some different ways of managing stress could seriously help you to keep your cool (and lip volume).

4. Be aware of your exercise regime

The benefits of staying active are endless for both our physical and mental health. However, there is evidence showing that people with higher metabolisms will also ‘work’ the filler out of their systems more quickly.

Of course, we’re not suggesting you give up on exercise to make your lip fillers last longer; instead, take into consideration the fact that you may need to schedule more regular top-ups at 3 or 6 months if you have a very active lifestyle.

5. Eat healthily

We all love to indulge now and then, but too much junk food can actually cause inflammation in the body. In turn, this could cause your dermal fillers to break down more quickly.

Overall, we would recommend keeping your skin as healthy as possible in order to keep your lips looking great – so this means plenty of fruit and veg, as well as healthy fats and oils such as those found in fish and nuts.

6. Ask about different types of filler

The lifespan of your fillers is likely to vary depending on the filler used – for example, I mainly use Restylane Kysse, but all fillers have varying levels of thickness.

If you find that your filler is being absorbed into your body too quickly, speak to your aesthetician at your next appointment about whether a thicker filler type may be more suitable such as Restylane Lypp.

7. Schedule your top-up appointments

If you don’t want the size of your lips to fluctuate too much, the best advice we can give is to keep on top of your maintaining your filler. If you go a full 12-18 months without a top-up, then your lips are likely to return to their original shape and size – which will make it look more noticeable once they’re injected again.

To give the illusion that your fillers have lasted for longer, be sure to ask about when you should visit for a revisit or another top-up. Often, you won’t need to have the same amount injected each time – some people have 1ml of filler injected at their first appointment, and then are able to maintain the same look with more frequent top-ups of just 0.5ml.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that dermal fillers only provide a temporary transformation, and there is no quick-fix solution to make your lip injections last longer.

However, by taking good care of your skin and health in general, and paying attention to how quickly your body metabolises the filler, you can maintain their appearance.


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