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PDO Thread Procedure

Included with the PDO thread face or body lift is a thorough examination, assessment and conversation about what you would like achieved.

We sit down and look in the mirror and you show me what bothers you or you would like to change or improve.

I then take a medical history and talk you through the type of procedure I recommend.

For a lower facelift this typically involves cleansing and disinfecting of the face and hair at the temple area.

I then apply a topical anaesthetic where any mono type PDO threads are needed and where the local anaesthetic is needed to be injected, this is usually in the hairline.

I then re cleanse the area and inject local anaesthetic to the side I will be treating first.

The largest (cog) threads are inserted and this is usually a minimum of 4 some discomfort can be felt so more local anaesthetic is added if needed to make you more comfortable.

Barbed Cog Thread for Tissue Lifting

I then proceed to add any mono threads for skin tightening. We usually look in the mirror at this point so that you can see the difference it makes comparing it to the other side of your face.

Tiny Mono Thread for Skin Tightening

I then proceed to repeat the above on the other side.

The entry points for the cogs will have topical antibiotic cream applied and this should be left alone for 12 hours.

Things to look out for are swelling, heat, lumps (some lumps may occasionally be seen at the insertion or anchor point which will dissolve over time), itching or bruising (some is normal), please contact me to discuss any concerns.

A recovery cream will be applied to the face and an aftercare leaflet will be explained and given.

You will then be offered or need to book a follow up appointment just after 4 weeks to have a check up.

If you would like a no obligation consultation about this or any other treatments please book online here.


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  1. Azra

    How much is thread lift full face

    1. admin

      Hi there its from £800 to £1500 all info is available on the pricelist which can be found here thanks for contacting me. Hope to see you soon for a no obligation assessment. Sarah

  2. Andrea

    How much would a pro breast lift cost? I couldn’t find the treatment in your price list.

    1. admin

      Hi thanks for the comment it’s approx £850 if you’d like to chat about it please contact me by phone or email thanks Sarah

    2. admin

      Hi it depends on size and amount of threads needed if suitable. It’s from £650

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