Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, more commonly known as the ‘Vampire Facelift’, is a new and innovative approach to skin rejuvenation.

It’s a revolutionary treatment that deposits ‘growth factors’ – naturally occurring substances capable of stimulating cellular growth – in the exact location where we want our skin to rejuvenate and repair itself.

PRP has been widely used in medicine for tissue healing and subjected to extensive clinical trials showing impressive results. The therapy has now become popular in the aesthetic industry, where doctors use the naturally healing power of Platelet-Rich Plasma to rejuvenate and refresh ageing skin.


Platelets contain a high content of growth factors – proteins that help to heal injured tissue. Upon re-injection into the skin, the platelets release their growth factors triggering the surrounding cells to proliferate, in turn stimulating repair, increasing volume and rejuvenating the skin.*

The therapy uses a small sample of your own blood, treated (in a centrifuge) to collect the Platelet-Rich Plasma, the component of blood that’s known to be highly effective in treating burns and skin injuries. The Platelet-Rich Plasma is then activated and injected into the chosen area stimulating the fibroblasts – the cells responsible for producing collagen. The pre-adipocyte cells – those that can convert into fat – are also stimulated, helping to naturally plump up the lines and contours of the face.


The therapy is ideal to treat scarring, plump skin, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and give an overall fresh and glowing quality to the skin. It’s used in a variety of areas and applications:

  • To rejuvenate scar tissue
  • On the face, particularly around the eyes, mouth and nose
  • The backs of the hands
  • All over the body, more commonly the décolletage and even the knees to give skin a more youthful and radiant appearance

PRP therapy is suitable for most patients and it is often recommended as a safe alternative or combination treatment with PDO Threads for individuals who are unable to undergo more invasive procedures, such as a full facelift.


A small sample of blood is taken so that the platelet plasma can be extracted from the red blood cells using a centrifuge.

After a topical local anaesthetic is applied, the PRP is then injected into the desired area via a series of injections using a very fine grade needle. The whole procedure usually takes around an hour and patients are usually able to resume their normal daily routine almost immediately although, occasionally, some temporary redness and bruising may occur.

Results begin to become visible after around two weeks, but with two to three top-up treatments, you can expect the results to last up to 18 months.


The results of PRP treatments are mainly dependent on the skill and experience of the clinician. I have many years’ experience in using this treatment, giving you confidence in PRP treatments.

Contact me to discuss your needs – I also offer combination treatments such as specialist medi facials and light therapy to complement and enhance the results of the PRP treatments.

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    Nichapa kalpa

    Do I have to consult and can do it later? Tomorrow I want to go.Xxx

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      Hi Nichapa online booking is available, please select book an appointment Online Booking to select a convenient consultation. Kind regards Sarah

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