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Top 10 reasons to get Botox this Summer

Here are my 2022 top 10 reasons to get Botox 

1. Botox makes you look younger

The simple first reason is because it reduces your wrinkles and makes you look younger.

This automatically makes you feel better about yourself. Botox actually relaxes the muscles, which means smoother skin and less wrinkles. So, if you are concerned about ageing effects, then Botulinum toxin type A is for you.

2. It’s quick & easy

After a medical history and consultation, Botox can be carried out extremely quickly; often people have it done in their lunch break! It only takes from 5-20 minutes depending on how many injections you are having.

3. Botox is virtually painless

The needles that are used at Flawless Aesthetic Clinic to inject Botox are tiny so you can barely feel the injections and therefore no anaesthetic cream is required. Most patients report that they are pleasantly surprised by how painless it is.

4. Few side effects

If there are any side effects from Botox injections they are very minor & temporary there may be some reasons not to get botox and these are explained in the consultation and assessment. Some of these side effects may include mild redness and swelling around the injections sights which can last up to an hour. On rare occasions if the patient has bled when injected there may be a little bruising. Therefore there is no need to book time off work or reschedule any other appointments that day.

5. Affordable

It is recommended to have Botox approximately every 3-4 months which equates around 3 times per year. Botox costs between £150-270 per session which equates to what you might spend on a shopping spree or having your hair done at a salon. It is a great investment for guaranteed anti-ageing results which have been scientifically proven.

6. Botox is very safe

Reasons to get botox is that it is safe. On April 15, 2002, the FDA approved BOTOX® as a temporary aesthetic treatment for moderate to severe frown lines in adults and subsequently approx. its use for treatment of crow’s feet in Sept 2003. It is a prescription only medicine (POP) therefore it can only be prescribed and injected by an appropriately qualified practitioner. Botulinum toxin injections have been used safely and successfully for many years in children & adults for medical reasons. The safety and effectiveness profile of BOTOX® Cosmetic has been proven in more than 16 years of published research and described in 528 articles in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals. BOTOX® Cosmetic has become the most widely researched and studied treatment of its kind.

7. It is only temporary 

The effect of Botulinum toxin type A usually lasts up to 6 months. So if you don’t like it, you can welcome those wrinkles back.

8. It can prevent wrinkles in the first place

Allergan, the market leader, recommend that the average age to start having Botox injections is age 30 in order to prevent wrinkles from becoming permanent. One study with identical twins found that the twin who received Botox injections consistently for 13 years showed fewer signs of ageing compared to the twin that did not. Click here to read the 2006 study on Botox usage at an early age. (

9. Botox treats excessive sweating

Since 2004, Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved BOTOX for the treatment of severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the underarms) in patients unable to obtain relief using antiperspirants. and

10. Botox relieves migraine symptoms 

Its been shown that migraines can be treated by wrinkle reducing injections. Botox is muscle paralysing and aids in nerve blocking. There are various reasons why Botulinum toxin type A is a solution to migraines. Botulinum toxin type A is a muscle relaxant, which means that it can reduce blood pressure within the brain. Botulinum toxin type A also reduces the ability of nerves to send signals (mainly pain signals) to the brain. Click here to read an article about Botox for migraine on the NHS. (


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