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What is Cosmeceutical Skincare?


Cosmeceuticals are a combination of cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. They are products which offer the clinical strength of prescription treatments, but are designed for everyday use to enhance the skin at home.

Most simply the difference between cosmeceuticals and ‘off-the-shelf’ cosmetic products is that cosmeceuticals contain far higher levels of biologically active ingredients and substances that have been scientifically proven to optimise skin health. 

A way to tell the difference between cosmetics and cosmeceuticals is where you can purchase them. If a product contains ingredients that can penetrate or change the functioning of the skin, it cannot be sold over the counter. So any creams ‘claiming’ to treat the skin can’t be purchased from a regular shop no matter how glamorous the packaging or high the price tag!

High street skincare

Available only from registered skincare clinics, cosmeceuticals are the best for anti ageing skincare and can be used to promote strong, healthy and younger looking skin, as well as to treat specific skin conditions.

The products have all been designed to target different skin types and skin problems and anti ageing and so under the recommendation of a qualified skin specialist like myself, we address your unique skincare goals. 

Cosmeceutical v Costmetic skincare

They are aimed at creating and maintaining lifelong healthy skin, rather than just quick-fixes or over priced, under dosed creams, and are an excellent way to revitalise your skincare routine.

At Flawless Aesthetic Clinic I have launched an exclusive range for clients of the clinic – Flawlessceuticals.

For more information about ingredients in skincare and makeup and what to look out for book a consultation for a total assessment and recommendation.


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