What causes Frown Lines

Causes of Frown lines between the eyes and by the Corrugator and Procerus Muscles being activated together on a regular basis or Frowing, hence the name and this group of muscles is called the ‘Glabella Complex’).

What causes frown lines between the eyes?

Causes of frown lines

This is not always an ageing treatment. Causes of frown lines can start in younger clients. People can feel if lines are visible here they look cross all the time or feel heavy in the forehead. Hear botulinum toxin treatment can help.

Illustration of movement which causes frown lines

Brands used in clinic are the most heard of ‘Botox’, Azzalure and Bocoture they are the same prescribed drug, just different manufacturers.

Due to the causes of frown lines, injection points for this treatment are 5 injections between and above the eyebrow. Practitioners have standard prescribed dose of 4 units per injection.

However, some people may need more than this if they have stronger muscles or are having toxin treatments on a regular basis.

Treatment for the causes of frown lines lasts between 12-18 weeks. Dependant upon lifestyle this can be shorter or longer and is not guaranteed. For example, people who exercise a lot, botulinum toxin is a protein and exercise breaks it down quicker.

Here is another article to find out how to make your treatment last.

The frown line area is classed as one treatment area. The price is £170 for 1 area, £230 for 2 and £270 for 3.

A consultation is needed prior to treatment. This is a PRESCRIPTION ONLY drug so will need to be ordered for you.

The treatment appointment can take as little as just 10 minutes!

Book a consultation today to see if you are suitable.

2 responses to “What causes Frown Lines”

  1. Deborah avatar

    I would like botox for the frown lines between my eyebrows. I have had this treatment several times before but have recently moved to the Lincoln area. Will I need a consultation and is this free? Thank you

    1. admin avatar

      Hi yes I would need to do a consultation the treatment for 1 area is £150

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