Double chin treatment

Get rid of a double chin

There are 2 ways to get rid of a double chin and or jowl fat in clinic, these are Deso or PDO threads or a combination of the two.

The lower face needs careful treatment and consideration as altering the appearance of the lower face can affect the whole symmetry of the face and if not treated with caution can unbalance the overall femininity or masculinity of the facial shape.

It is also important as with any cosmetic enhancement to look at the underlying anatomy for safety and result.

Double chin anatomy and treatment

At Flawless Aesthetic Clinic I have done many successful treatments to get rid of a double chin so please contact me for more information.


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  1. Zara

    Hi is your injections instant results what’s your prices

    1. admin

      Hi From £100 it takes about 4 weeks, some might need more than one treatment 4 weeks apart

    2. admin

      From £50

    3. admin

      Hi it depends on which for dermal fillers they are. Prices are from £220 for this to £260 and that is per ml.

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