My Top 3 Aesthetic Treatments

Throughout all my years of carrying out aesthetic treatments the main 2 have always been Botox and Dermal Fillers.

With so many new brands and choices now on the market its difficult to say which come top so I managed to use a report on my very technical booking system lol!

Number 3

Deso Fat Dissolving

Double chin treatment

Most customers have this under the chin area, but it is also popular especially in the summer months where we are more exposed on the body. There are 2 strengths 1 for the facial area and 1 for the body. 1 Vial treats 10x10cm.

Number 2

Cheek filler to help lower face

Dermal Fillers. Dermal fillers can be used in many ways to enhance the face. The most popular Dermal Filler I use is Volume (Restylane Volyme) for cheeks as during the ageing process as soon as the cheek fat starts to decrease and the ligaments supporting this area start to slacken it is the major cause of facial folds, and jowls.

Filler Size

Number 1

Cosmetic clinic aesthetic treatments
Sarah Barker, Registered Nurse injecting botox,

Anti Wrinkle injections aka Botox the most well known brand are extremely popular and more and more people are trying it for the first time and realising the benefits, not only for anti ageing, but also for health issues such as Migraines and Excessive Sweating.

The most popular areas are all 3! This is the most cost effective as areas get cheaper the more you have.

3 areas botox

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