Over the past decade there has been a huge increase in people seeking non-surgical cosmetic treatments. 

Injections to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with Botulinum Toxin (commonly known as ‘Botox’, but also Azzalure, Boccoture and others) have been the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in Britain for many years.

At Flawless Aesthetic Clinic, I treat more patients than ever with Botox and Dermal Fillers. Some are getting ready for their holidays, some for their wedding days, and some want to look ‘fresher’. 

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as Botox have little or no downtime, and when performed by a skilled doctor or nurse, this treatment can give you a naturally brighter and younger look.

If you are considering having Botox treatment in the East Midlands below are ten tips for getting the best value and, most importantly, the best cosmetic results.

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Tip 1 – Consultation

The treatment should only be carried out after a comprehensive assessment by a medically qualified practitioner eg a Doctor or a Nurse. 

Make sure at the consultation they make you aware of potential side effects and complications, pre and post-treatment advice.

Ensure you are given enough time to discuss treatments of interest in depth, any concerns you may have, and outline your expectations and have time to think about it carefully before going ahead.

Consultation Flawless Aesthetic Clinic

Tip 2 – Qualifications

Botox treatment is a medical procedure. Although side effects are not common, the administration of which still requires skills and precision. The most vital is the anatomy and physiology. Even Doctors and Nurses, may not have had experience of injecting  Botox or many years experience. You want to choose a doctor or nurse who specialises in medical aesthetics and does not just dabble in Botox part time. You want someone who has perfected the procedure through experience in a proper clinic.

Tip 3 – Advanced Botox

Advanced Botox does not just smooth out wrinkles, it perfects facial contours and is capable of giving you subtle yet natural results, making you look ‘fresher’ or ‘brighter’. If your eyebrows have dropped and are now horizontal, precise injections of Botox will make you look – and feel – much ‘brighter’ by gently lifting and arching your brows. Any drooping at the corners of the mouth can also be raised with advanced Botox training as well as treating medical conditions such as excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis) Trigeminal Neuralgia and migraines.

Tip 4 – Botox treatment is not cheap

Botox treatment costs £150 – £400 for three areas. Price should not be the only determining factor. 

A cosmetic clinic needs to pay the doctor or nurse, any staff and all the bills that accompany running a medical clinic establishment. So if you see ‘Botox Offers or Deals Promotions’ at places for £150 for the entire face, you probably will not get a quality and lasting treatment. Cheap can also be expensive – you might pay cheap, but you might have to fix your face elsewhere or more often, for more money!

Tip 5 – Location

Botox treatment is available at various beauty salons and specialist cosmetic clinics. In recent years’ Botox party’ has become a trend. There are huge differences between getting a medical procedure in a group and at a specialist clinic. Having your treatment in a controlled and sterile setting with proper lighting is vital. Some people believe that having their treatments done at a party or beauty salon will save some money. But is it worth taking that kind of risk with your health? Visit a specialist aesthetic clinic with the proper setup to ensure the best treatment.

Tip 6 – Recommendations

You can’t go wrong with this tip. Ask your friends/colleagues who have had this treatment for their opinions about their clinics. When attending the consultation, bringing a friend who has had the treatment before is not a bad idea. They will know better than you what questions to ask. Also, does the clinic offer you the option of speaking to their past patients or have reviews you can read?

Tip 7 – Follow-up

Be wary about injectors who do not offer follow-up appointments. Botox treatment does not give instant results. The total effect of Botox, along with the maximum wrinkle softening effect, will take a few days. Typically it takes from 10 days to 2 weeks before Botox will take full effect. Follow-up appointments will allow you to raise your concerns, but most importantly, the injector will get to assess their work and refine it if necessary. Unfortunately, cheaper places almost always do not offer such a service.

Tip 8 – Research

Do your research about the treatment and the person who will be administering the treatment. For example, how many Botox treatments have they performed? Make sure you do your homework and know what you are paying for before undergoing the treatment.

Tip 9 – Questions

Many practitioners have experience in administering Botox. However, each different clinic will have different qualifications, skills and experience. So it is essential to ask questions to help you find the clinic and injector who will meet your unique needs as a patient. Your questions will give you an idea of how much experience the injector has in this treatment and any issues that apply to your situation. Being specific about your expectations will help you choose a clinic best suited to your needs.

Tip 10 – Good communication and rapport

Make sure you are comfortable with the nurse or doctor. Do they take the time to answer your questions? Are your concerns thoroughly addressed? Select a practitioner with whom you feel comfortable establishing a long-term relationship. It is advisable to repeat Botox treatment regularly to maintain good results, so you will want to choose where you are happy to go two to three times a year!

 Why choose Flawless aesthetic clinic?

  • I use only market-leading brands of Botulinum Toxin A by Allergan and Galderma. This is the Botulinum Toxin upon which the standard of treatments is judged.
  • Results are guaranteed. I review our patients two weeks after their initial treatments to ensure they are happy with the results.
  • Your consultation and treatment will be carried out personally by Sarah Barker, Registered Nurse. Sarah is an international trainer (she trains other doctors, surgeons and nurses) for many of the procedures offered at Flawless Aesthetic Clinic. She is widely recognised as an international expert, having been invited to speak at international conferences.
  • Flawless Aesthetic is a specialist clinic in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. We are not a beauty salon or mobile clinic.
  • Sarah Barker is the winner of multiple industry awards given to clinics that demonstrate exceptional professionalism in dealing with and replying to patient enquiries.
  • Year after year, the ‘5 Star’ google reviews are left by patients in recognition of compassion and clinical expertise in non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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