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PDO Thread Lift versus Dermal Filler


Sometimes even the most expensive creams and vigorous skincare routines just won’t do, if you are thinking about the effects of ageing, then you may have considered a number of non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate your skin and combat the ageing process. Here at Transform, the most popular anti-ageing treatments we offer are PDO thread lifts and dermal fillers but which one will be most suited to your individual goals. First you will need more about each one:


Dermal Filler

If you’ve noticed that your lines and wrinkles are quite deep or sunken cheeks are making your face look tired and forming folds and jowls, dermal fillers could help to restore a more youthful look.

They can be used for plumping parts of the face that have lost volume due to the ageing process or skin damage, including cheeks, nose to mouth lines, around the mouth and lips, forehead, mouth to chin lines, between the eyebrows, and acne scars.


pdo threads

As we age, our skin naturally begins to weaken due to a loss in elastic tissue (elastin) which results in loose skin around the mouth, jowl, cheek and neck area. The PDO Thread Lift is designed to help restore your facial structure and reduce visible signs of ageing without the need for surgery.

The PDO Lift works by using threads via a cannula (thin tube) beneath the skin. Others (Cogs) attach to the surrounding tissue to lift the face and tighten the skin.

The PDO (Polydioxanone) threads can also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which are important in restoring the plumpness of the skin and stimulating wrinkle reduction.

PDO Thread lift Versus Dermal Filler – WHICH SHOULD YOU CHOOSE?

– If you want the effects of your treatment to last then the PDO Thread Lift comes out on top.

It lasts a minimum of 12-18 months on average whilst dermal fillers have a lifespan of around 6-9 months and will require regular top-ups to maintain your results.

PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread lift tighten and lifts the whole face to create a more youthful appearance and is a one-time procedure.

New collagen and elastin is stimulated by the threads in the skin..

Furthermore, PDO Thread lift involves penetrating the skin and may be seen as a slightly more invasive procedure.

Threads are certainly less invasive than a traditional face lift. It takes under an hour to complete and only requires a local anaesthetic.

Dermal Fillers

Fillers can be much more effective at contouring the face, volumising specific areas of concern. The cheeks which become willowy as you age, so usually need dermal filler as well as the threads.

This is often called 3D facial contouring or a ‘liquid face lift.’

Dermal fillers fade over a shorter period of time. Certain types of filler can be dissolved so you can try them without a lot of commitment. Other fillers like Radiesse, can lift areas of the face and improve and stimulate collagen.

Fillers, have visible results within a week. PDO Thread lifts take longer for the full results to show.

PDO Thread Lift versus dermal filler

For an instant flash of youth, I recommend opting for skin boosters such as Profhilo. This will give the skin a youthful glow.

Still can’t decide and need some more details? I offer many anti-ageing solutions and can create a bespoke package to help you get the look you want.


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  1. Heather

    Hi Sarah, Sara from love your skin recommended you. I asked her about temple filler and she recommended it might be worth having threads instead? I wondered if I could book in for a chat. Sara mentioned there could be a bit on my face that might be worth doing as well. Thanks Heather

    1. admin

      Hi yes of course the best thing to do is to book in for a consultation then I can assess your skin and face and tell you the best treatment for the result you want? Book online at or drop me a message or call Sarah x

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