A ‘Holly’ Holistic Approach to Aesthetic Treatments

Here at Flawless Aesthetic Clinic you get a ‘holly’ holistic approach to skincare and aesthetic treatment!


With the festive season upon us, and more social events back on track this year we all want to look our best and may consider or be wondering about face and body aesthetic treatments.

A person may see a friend looking ‘well’ for their age and realise they’ve had a little cosmetic help. The friend may say ‘I’ve had a bit of filler’ and that may be all they needed or wanted to share, but all individuals are different and require a personalised approach.

Therefore, my assessments may result in the recommendation of a multi-treatment approach or more options, these can include, weight loss goals, injectables, skincare and some energy-based procedures.  Communicating this to patients can be difficult; especially if they’re convinced that all they need to do to be the next Kylie Jenner is have half a millilitre of lip filler.

Most lips require at least a 1ml syringe to see any difference at all. Some patients may be scared of lip filler all together and then other options for issues such as fine lip lines (commonly known as smokers lines) like micro needling sessions or mono pdo threads.

Sometimes just good skincare is in order, I can do a skincare assessment as there are some expensive creams out there with some undesirable effects for the skin, skip the impressive packaging this Christmas the ingredients are what you need to look at for anti ageing you especially want retinol (vitamin A) hyaluronic acid (holds hydration in your skin) and vitamin c and e. Most ‘off the shelf’ creams may either have unhelpful preservatives or perfumes in them or just won’t have the delivery system, which is how it gets into your skin, or may not have the strength needed to treat the skin so it’s important to do some research before making a purchase.

If a patient has malar separation (cheeks starting to sag), naso labial folds (nose to mouth lines) or Jowls. Then the answer can either be to reinstate the volume with a volumising filler or to reposition the fat in the cheeks using pdo threads or a combination of both.

It is this fat separation along with facial bone changing that causes these lines and folds as we age and so, hohoho if you’re struggling to lose weight, yes I can offer ways to help you in the new year, but for now, enjoy your mince pies and use this as a plus side! Keep that fat in your face as the more you lose the further down it slides!

This case here has some clear separation, a  descending jowl and was starting to see folds in the naso labial and oral commisure (downward mouth) she was very happy with this subtle yet good result. Most people want to keep their treatments confidential (which their medical records and information is at my clinic anyway) but don’t want to look obviously ‘done’ and most women don’t even like their husbands to know so a subtle effect is always better or ‘less is more’ as the saying goes.

So as we get celebrating the festivities I have gift vouchers available and also a competition for a 2022 website model aged over 45 with no prior aesthetic injections (but open to try) who has the above mentioned malar separation symptoms so I can make the improved you for 2022? 

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