Thank you!

I am so grateful to all of my lovely customers for your valued support over the years. I couldn’t have kept going without your loyalty. It really does mean the world to me.
As a small business it is hard to get new clients without spending a fortune in advertising.

Also, doing very personal and private treatments which I provide, not everyone wants to leave a ‘public’ review.

Did you know that if you feel comfortable enough to tell a friend about treatment and refer them to come to the clinic and have a full consultation and treatment, you get 10% off your next treatment?

Refer 2 friends get 20% off

Refer 3 friends and get 50% off HALF PRICE treatment.

Please email or text me on 07841389233 if you know your friend is booking in and you can just send their initials or if you are able to, their full name and number? I can then make a note on your records that you referred them and add your discount ready for your booking.

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