Facial ageing

The Facial Ageing triangle

In clinic I talk a lot about the facial triangle or facial ageing triangle.

Facial ageing triangle

The ageing triangle causes Facial folds

Facial folds such as nose to mouth lines (naso labial), mouth corners (oral commisures), eye bags and jowls are caused by pockets of fat shrinking and sliding downward due to decreasing collagen and elastin holding them up as well as a chance in bone structure, particularly in women during or following peri menopause or menopause.

Ageing facial fat
Facial fat shrinks and slides down as we age

We can tackle this either by giving lift with pdo threads or volume loss with dermal filler or a combination treatment of both. There are so many dermal fillers on the market now from many outlets including cheap fakes. After 15 plus years in this industry I only use and trust genuine pharmacies that supply Restylane Products, by Galderma.

Restylane Before and After

A popular non surgical facelift is to use PDO Threads to lift up the skin, PDO threads have been popular in the UK since 2011, when I fist trained in them. I have since gone on to train other nurses and doctors how to use them in their aesthetic practice. They continue to be popular and used in combination with fillers for non surgical facelifting.

Pdo cog thread for folds

A less invasive way to correct facial ageing and ‘Youthfullise‘ the face, is purely using filler.

There are several types of Restylane filler, from small molecular skinboosters for fine lines and skin tone to VOLYME™ which replaces lost Volume, this is one of my most popular treatments in clinic today.

After a full consultation and facial assessment at the clinic and with little or no downtime, volume is restored where it has most decreased, usually in the cheek and temple areas. Most clients like to start off with a small subtle amount and then move up to 3-5 syringes for maximum effect. Because of the nature of Restylane fillers, the integrity of the skin is also improved greatly.

Volume filler placement

Eye area

The eyes are at the top of the triangle so these show early signs of ageing. Another product called Restylane eyelight used along with botox will help turn back time and make you look fresher overall.

Toxin for the upper face

The customers that know and trust me at Flawless Aesthetic Clinic, visit every 3-6 months to spread the cost and keep holding back the years so we have a great relationship and I tailor treatments to suit at each meeting.

Most of my clients like to keep things private and so want subtle results that only the two of us know about so I use the term ‘youthfullise’ rather than a total face lift, particularly if we do the treatments in stages.

If you would like to come in to discuss how the ageing triangle may be affecting you please book in online for a no obligation consultation.


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