Transgender Aesthetic Treatments

There is an increasing need in the Transgender community for medical professionals to offer transgender aesthetic treatments (Niemier 2020).

This is not surprising when, there has been a 240% increase in referrals to gender dysmorphic clinics (Torjesen, 2018)

Working with people who want to feel more confident about their appearance is something I am very passionate about.

Understanding our clients

Transgender—or trans—is an umbrella term for those whose gender identity is different from the sex assigned to us at birth’ (Stonewall, 2017).

I am definitely not an expert . There is significantly increasing terminology in the LGBT community. Practitioners need to update our knowledge as much as possible to provide services.

Beemyn (2020) complied a list of terminology (published in article Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, Niemier 2020)

DemisexualSomeone who does not develop a sexual attraction to anyone until they have a strong emotional connection
AromanticA romantic orientation generally characterised by not feeling romantic attraction or desire for romance
IntersexAn umbrella term to describe a wide range of natural body variations that do not fit into the conventional definitions of male or female
PansexualA person whose gender identity is comprised of many genders

Most importantly, we should use compassion and listening skills. There are understandably mental health issues in the community. Kknowing you’ve been born in the wrong body can be extremely traumatic.

Flawless is a Transgender Friendly Aesthetic Clinic

Transgender aesthetic clinic

Having clientele from all walks of life and i am completely open-minded and offer a warm welcome and safe space in the clinic. I appreciate that for some people who are transitioning, discretion and privacy is paramount.

Because I have generous appointment slots for my clients, this means that none of my visitors are left in a busy waiting room.

I pride myself on the fact that no one ever feels rushed.

When discussing topics of sensitivity, practitioners should give every client as much time as they need. This gives the client time to ask questions and fully understand the treatment options available to them.

At Flawless Aesthetic Clinic, I offer a range of treatments that will enhance the features of someone who is transitioning. I can help with choosing and using conventional cosmetics and makeup and the best skincare for you.

Fillers and anti-wrinkle transgender aesthetic treatments

WIthout doubt these treatments are invaluable when looking to soften and feminise the face. Furthermore they can strengthen and define the jawline to enhance masculinity.

Men develop deeper lines as they age. Anti-wrinkle injections will smooth areas whilst dermal fillers can plump up areas that are lacking volume.

Biologically, Male and female bone structure differs, sometimes significantly. Aesthetic medical clinicians, can use fillers to give definition to cheekbones. Fillers can also increase volume and fullness of lips. Furthermore, fillers will soften any deep lines around the mouth and change nose shape.


Niemier. Transgender patients and their access to aesthetic treatments Volume 9 Issue 4 ISSN (online): 2052-2878.

Stonewall. Glossary of terms. 2017. (accessed 22 February 2023)

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