Breakthrough Acne Treatment – Clascoterone


Acne can be a depressing skin condition to have believe me I know, having suffered myself.

Thankfully after trying almost everything and finally finding a skin treatment that manages it well and creating my own brand of it Flawlessceuticals, I manage mine very effectively.

Doctors Answers

GP practices often just offer topical creams which are very irritating and drying to the skin or the standard antibiotics that can cause long term resistance, so privately I offer prescriptions for more reliable yet more costly oral antibiotics.

What is Clascoterone?

The Food and Drug Administration (USA) has recently approved Clascoterone for the treatment of acne and this is a topical anti androgen hormone treatment.

It inhibits production in the sebocytes (the cells that produce too much oil) and has proven to be well tolerated.

So I am watching this space to see how and when we can prescribe and use it in the UK. Until then I recommend good skincare and first and foremost cleansing, moisturising and a retinol night cream.

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