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A thorough medical and skin history is taken to assess suitably and the best treatments for you. This can be completed here and will be gone through at the consultation.

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  1. Sara avatar

    Hi. I have a small sebaceous cyst on my jaw, near my ear that I really would like removed. Is that sometime you can do, and if so I would like to know how much you charge. Thank you

    1. admin avatar

      Absolutely I can use a fat dissolver called Deso or a machine called the fab V it’s £50-£80

    2. admin avatar

      Hello yes no problem this can easily be done in clinic £60

  2. elly avatar

    can you have a threadlift if still losing weight or will it effect the outcome? Also do you have dermal fillers and botox before or after threadlift or doesnt it matter?

    1. admin avatar

      Hi weight loss can affect the facial tissue so it’s best to get near to your target weight before treatment. You can have all the treatments together however sometimes after a pdo thread you may not need dermal fillers or boto depending on which area is treated. Thank you

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