Facial redness is a common problem that affects all age groups of men and women particularly around the nose and cheek areas. The redness is most of caused by tiny thin ‘thread’ veins on the surface of the skin. These are known medically as telangiectases.

The exact cause of telangiectases is often unclear, but several factors may contribute to their development.

These include:

  • genetics
  • sun and wind exposure
  • medications that widen blood vessels
  • pregnancy
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • trauma to the skin
  • surgical incisions
  • acne
  • prolonged use of oral or topical corticosteroids

In clinic they can be treated with either the fab v machine which uses a tiny electric current to coagulate the vessel and close it off or for more serious or larger veins on the body an injection of sclerosant called sclerotherapy can be used.

Facial treatment with Fab v machine
Facial Thread veins
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